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Today there is an increasing demand for wooden toys, - it’s not hard to see why. Parents are concerned that many modern toys over-stimulate, don’t encourage peer interaction or simply don’t last. The experts too point out that with so many electronic toys, the simple relationships of natural forces aren't evident with buttons and circuitry.                                                                  

Not so with wooden toys, which rely on the simplest of forces of all to work. These toys are designed to stimulate an appetite for learning in children, and allow children to experiment with different forces simply and safely. Not only do they encourage the development of imaginative and social play, they encourage children to develop their fine motor and tactile skills which are essential for healthy brain development. 

Every toy is a children’s discovery toy and is educational in some way. With the added uses of bright colours, contrasting surfaces and sounds, they are ideal for toddler and baby exploration to encourage creative play, stimulate imagination, help to develop motor skills and  co-ordination.    

Many of the toys are supplied to and recognised by schools and pre-schools in North America and Europe.




Each wooden toy is a unique object, and people are often amazed by the simple ingenuity of design and the artistic value of each one. Typically made from beech wood, maple, birch or pine, these toys are durable and made to last. All toys are made in Europe from materials harvested from managed forests. They are EN71, 2, 3 and CE certified and contain no toxic substances.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do here at Andy’s Toys!




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